The Pressure-Free Coaching Program

with Elle Ingalls

I help men, women, and students have an extra two hours of energetic time per day by reducing anxiety and stress with my Pressure-Free Method.

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Do you wish you weren't so fatigued and could sleep better?

Do you wish you could do it all really well? Your work? Your relationships? Your health?

But you're secretly feeling like you're failing in certain areas of your life or even on a collision course to burnout or a mental breakdown?

I've been there. I was an executive, and I thought I was doing everything right - striving to be mindful and present, doing yoga, exercising, eating an excellent diet. But until 2010, I was missing a key piece.

Without knowing it, I was addicted to adrenaline; I was constantly locked in a cycle of stress hormone release. And that cycle was wearing me down mentally and physically.

I created the Pressure-Free Method when my sons asked me to coach their high school baseball team in my mental toughness tools. And yes, my teenage sons wanted me in the dugout!

That was the beginning of me digging deep and developing a new way of living: Pressure-Free Living. In a week's time, two adults wanted me to coach them privately when they heard what I was creating. That was over twelve years ago, and since then, I've coached hundreds of people privately and thousands in groups.

I can show you how to break that stress cycle! With this method, you honestly don't need to meditate, do yoga or add anything else to your day just to de-stress. You will be living Pressure-Free all day. When you work with me, you'll discover:

  • the FASTEST method to reduce stress, anger and anxiety.
  • a way to reduce stress WITHOUT having to slow down, take time off, or add a to-do to your list.
  • the tools to break the stress cycle for better sleep, more energy, and improved mood. 
  • proven ways to navigate the resistance that stops you from experiencing your true potential.  

3-Month Private

Pressure-Free Coaching Program

You'll receive:

Nine 60 to 90-minute private sessions with Elle. Flexible scheduling allows us to set the speed that works for you.

Trigger Support Calls. 3-5 minute texts/calls to help you in the moment. You can text me whenever you are preparing for a meeting or speaking, having trouble sleeping, feeling out-of-sorts, having an anxiety or anger issue. I will give you tips right in the moment to help you.

Year-long Pressure-Free membership with access to my library of courses and the Pressure-Free planner during the time that you are in the program that support your learning.

Special Bonuses:

  • VIP session on Alignment for Achieving Your Results (pay in full)
  • One tickets to one of my live retreats. (pay in full)
  • Free access to any virtual webinars. 

What others say about working with Elle Ingalls:

Tiffany Blackman, Speaker and Consultant

When I started working with Elle, I realized that I didn't want to handle stress in the same way I haphazardly learned to manage it.

During COVID I saw the strain on myself and my teenagers to perform in a very different way and we were failing during a time when failure wasn't an option.

Elle has a beautiful way of questioning your beliefs surrounding stress, expectations, and what life you truly want to build. It didn't feel like work. It felt like open conversation that eventually drove me to the outcomes I truly wanted for me and my family.

Meagan Baker, Human Resources Director

As a mother of three young children working in an executive level job, I thought I was managing my stress well. It took a mental breakdown for me to realize that I needed help.

Elle helped me to understand the science of stress and my triggers, and she — mostly importantly — provided tools for managing this in a healthier way.


Elle has been a true gift to my life. Pressure Free provides a foundation upon which entire families and workplaces can build their vision for the future with a clear mind.  It's better than so many therapies because it gets to the root cause and provides a path forward. 


Heather Chesky, Photography Coach and Entrepreneur

After two months of not booking any high ticket clients in my business and dealing with the stress, fear, and uncertainty, I had an opportunity to learn the Pressure-Free method from Elle.

I immediately put them into practice and saw a drastic change in my being and my reactions to stressful situations. Then, two days after her coaching, I booked a $5000 client out of the blue. I am incredibly thankful for Elle’s method and I’m blown away by her passion to help people stop being victims of stress and start achieving lives full of joy.

Emma Woodhouse, ski coach, 2-time All-American athlete

I felt stressed all the time. I was binge-eating, biting my nails, and feeling like I was unable to control myself. I needed something to change.

I’m so much more aware of what triggers the stress response for me. Before, I would be in a downward spiral, unable to figure out why I was getting so worked up. Now I’m able to notice when and why I’m getting stressed as well as having the tools to calm myself down in a matter of seconds!

Robert G. Allen: New York Times Best-Selling Author:

Elle’s stress management and life design techniques belong in the toolbox of everyone striving for more in life.

With so much of our success hinging on how we manage emotion and stress, Elle gives us the fastest and easiest path to a winner’s mindset.

Kyra Sichinga Wallace, CEO of the Urban League of Southwest Michigan with her daughter Sanye:

The tools which are taught in the course are very practical and simple to incorporate in one’s everyday life.

I have become a better mother for my daughter, a better boss for my employees and just an overall better person for the world.