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NEW! Pressure-Free Student Success Workshop

How to help students maximize their mental and physical health and achievement with less stress, anxiety and overwhelm

What if your students, faculty and staff could: 

  • Learn how to reduce stress in seconds?
  • Stay calm in difficult situations?
  • Reduce test anxiety, social anxiety, and overwhelm?
  • Stop suffering from secondary stress?
  • Improve cognitive function and innovation?
  • Improve their general health and physical performance?
  • Experience healthier, less-stressed relationships?

According to a 2015 study by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center as reported by the Wall Street Journal, only 53% of students who began their college education in 2009 graduated six years later. Students have many reasons for leaving college including finances, stress, health and indecision or decison to pursue other avenues. In another study, 60% of first-year college students report being emotionally unprepared for college. Elle's Pressure-Free Method is a proven method based on the science of the stress response. Learning this method can help the members of your campus community: 

  • build emotional resiliency.
  • reduce stress and negative emotions.
  • improve the graduation rate.
  • reduce anxiety and depression.
  • prevent suicide attempts.
  • reduce absenteeism.
  • improve grades and test scores.
  • reduce the use of un-prescribed Adderall.
  • improve the overall health and wellness of your campus community.

Navigating the years from 16-26 has always been challenging, but it is even more so in today's competitive economy. Providing staff and students the tools they need to be calm, confident and authentic can pay dividends for years to come, both for your institution and for your students. 

What people say about learning the Pressure-Free Method with Elle and Hugh Ingalls:

I'm a clinical social worker and I've had my MSW for over 10 years now...not ONCE have I ever heard the effects of stress, coping skills, mindfulness, emotions, and triggers be explained as perfectly, and come full circle, as you did on Monday night. I worked in a children's psychiatric hospital for 7 years and I've been exposed to many trainings, brilliant minds, and many terrible and sad situations. I was absolutely blown away at your talk.

I respect that you're REAL and don't throw unobtainable goals or skills at people. That happens way too often, and people are more likely to give up...what you're teaching is the complete opposite and you meet people where they're at in life. I LOVE what you are doing. - Sonya Parry, LMSW

As a college student, I know that time is very precious. I also believe that time is money, and one session with Elle has saved me well over 10 hours each week because of the tools I was given. If you are a busy person, especially a student, I urge you to have this life-changing experience!

- Parita Shah, Michigan State University, Wayne State University

Elle is a rare combination of right and left-brain thinking, and this quality helps her to create imaginative approaches to stress management for different audiences. After thirty years in business development, I can point to a few winners. This is the best of the best.  

-Jim Hettinger, Economic Development Specialist; Trustee Emeritus, Western Michigan University

What an eye-opening experience! I learned so much about what stress can do to your body. Elle’s program teaches you to stop the stress before it creeps in. She provides you with many different tools, and I have used most of them!! This program is really life changing!! Anyone can benefit from it.

- Ann Gallagher, Faculty, Western Michigan University

Aside from the excellent techniques I learned (most of which I implement on a regular basis), Mrs. Ingalls explained to me the importance of having/writing down goals. My dream job is to be a Div. I basketball coach. Without [her teaching], I am not sure if I would find myself at this moment possessing a letter from one of my coaching idols [Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski]. 

- Ben Tanoff, Kenyon College

Pressure-Free Coaches for Student Success:

Hi, I'm Elle Ingalls. Creator of the Pressure-Free Method. I am excited to share this cutting-edge way to reduce stress, anger and anxiety so that you can truly experience improved health and performance. My expertise is on the fight-or-flight stress response, and my workshops show you the fastest, most effective method to maximize achievement. I'm a former executive, professional musician, college athlete and athletic coach with three degrees from the University of Michigan: BMA, MM, MBA. I'll be honest. I thought I was a calm professional with all my mental toughness tools but I was missing a key element that I discovered in 2010 - a true game-changer. Now I am on a mission to help you learn the truth about stress and stop it quickly and effectively.  

Stress is called the silent killer. It doesn't just harm your heart. It causes all chronic disease, like cancer, eczema, digestive issues, breathing issues, and memory loss. It causes anxiety and can lead to chronic anxiety and depression. It messes with your relationships. Do you ever say things and do things that you wish you hadn't? You were probably "under the influence" of nasty stress hormones. Do you get nervous before a new semester, tests, athletic competitions, stage performances or when you have to do something out of your comfort zone? Those feelings can cause releases of stress hormones that deteriorate your health, can lead to serious mental illness, and cause you to under-perform. If you are looking for a lasting solution for yourself and for others, click the link below for a consultation with me or call 269-832-3573.

Hi, I'm Hugh Ingalls, Elle's son and her first client to embrace the Pressure-Free method back in 2010.

Learning to live Pressure-Free helped me overcome social anxiety that was sometimes truly crippling. Elle's goal-setting and planning strategies not only helped me significantly improve my grades, but also provided me with the necessary skills to fulfill a dream of mine to bring a Varsity Hockey program to Aquinas College, where I earned a sustainable business degree. After graduating, I applied these same tools to start my own company, Ingalls Pictures, with my younger brother Ned. Now my father Peter and youngest brother William have joined us along with several other videographers.

I'm on a mission to help other students stop unnecessary suffering by learning how to reduce stress in seconds with the Pressure-Free method. I have seen so many students complain about how stressful their lives are. I have seen them leave school, take drugs to get through exams, and, after graduation, find it hard to be employed. So many of the problems students are experiencing can be addressed by working with Elle and me. Using the Nine Tools System of Pressure-Free can change the trajectory of your life quickly and effectively. 

Click the link below to talk with Elle. If you'd like to talk with me directly, my phone is 269-213-4759