Are the people you are serving experiencing stress, anxiety, maybe even burnout?

Does the pressure of their work or home situation cause them to under-perform or miss out on attaining the results they want to attain, even though you share your best expertise with them that they need to be successful?

What if you could add to your expertise a fast, effective way to eliminate the effects of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. A simple method that improves their mental and physical health and performance?

I'd like to schedule a time to talk with Elle and learn more about this program.

About the Program

The Pressure-Free Living Certification Coaching Program is a 9-month-long experience that teaches you the Pressure-Free Method created by Elle Ingalls. The program schedule is designed for those who work full time.

Upon graduation of the program, you will have learned and mastered the Pressure-Free Method in order to teach it to your clients, patients, and team members.

This program is designed for:

Coaches: Performance coaches, business coaches, life coaches, health coaches, athletic coaches, and relationship coaches who want their clients to attain their desired results with greater ease and higher success rates.

Health Professionals: Physicians, Nurses, Chiropractors, Mental Health Professionals, Social Workers, Therapists who are looking for ways to improve the health outcomes of their patients.

Educators: Faculty, Private teachers, Parents, Administrators, School Mental Health Professionals who want tools they can teach to improve student outcomes, test scores.

First Responders: Police Officers, Fire Fighters, EMT's, Security Professionals who are looking for effective ways to defuse stressful situations, and prevent second-hand stress.

Stress Relief

What if you could teach your clients/patients/team a simple method to reduce stress and anxiety quickly and effectively? The Pressure-Free Method that actually prevents the release of stress hormones. In the Pressure-Free Certification Program, you will:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the fight-or-flight stress response beyond what is taught in psychology programs and medical school.
  • Be quipped with tools to learn and master the Pressure-Free Method so that you can teach it to others.
  • Understand the "why" and be able to answer questions people have about stress, anger, depression, anxiety, and overwhelm.
  • Feel empowered with the knowledge of how our biology informs our psychology and vice versa so that you can break the stress cycle.

Optimal Mind & Body

What if you could unlock the key reason that causes your clients/patients/team to fall short from achieving more in their lives? Improved mental and physical health? Cognitive ability? Physical performance? Improved relationships? Financial goals? In the Pressure-Free Certification Program, you will:

  • Learn simple steps that unlock potential.
  • Be able to uncover the blind spots and upper limits that prevent us from success.
  • Gain a more thorough understanding of mind/body connection, and how the position of the body informs our psychology.
  • Learn and use tools for improved mental and physical health that are easy to apply yourself so that you can teach them to others.

Life Design

Have you ever wondered why so many people feel stuck? Complain about life? Worry constantly, and then worry they aren't getting their work done?

What if you could show them simple routines that reduce procrastination and perfectionism? Improve will power? In the Pressure-Free Certification Program, you will:

  • Test-drive routines for yourself that you can then teach to others that include concepts like optimal timing.
  • Understand why we get stuck, and have a rubric that helps release us from what holds us back and causes self-sabotage.
  • Experience a variety of concepts for visioning, long-term planning, daily planning, financial systems, and tracking for success.

Features of the Program

Virtual Trainings & Coaching

  • Nine-month Program
  • One Monthly 90-minute Group Training Video Call.
  • Two Monthly 60-minute Private Coaching Sessions with Elle.
  • All sessions recorded for you to access anytime.
  • Text access to Elle for any questions and assistance.

Live Pressure-Free Retreat

  • 3-day/2-night Retreat in (Virtual Retreat option.)
  • All lodging and meals included.
  • Opportunity to come together and connect with like-minded professionals.
  • Combination of intensive learning and time for peaceful reflection.

Extensive Library tools & resources

  • All trainings are recorded for you to access anytime.
  • Downloadable Course Books.
  • Access to the Pressure-Free Membership Site for Self-Paced learning and bonus courses.
  • Access to the virtual Pressure-Free Planner.
  • Annual Continuing Ed.

The Pressure-Free Promise

By preventing the stress response, you and the people you teach this to will get to choose your response, improve your health and performance, and craft the life you desire.

What's possible for you and those you help? Here are just a few testimonials of how the Pressure-Free Method has transformed lives:

Meet Emma Woodhouse.

Emma is currently completing the Pressure-Free Living Certification Program.

I wanted to work with Elle because I wanted to add another skill to my coaching repertoire as pressure is a HUGE part of being an athlete and successful athletes know how to be calm and “pressure-free”. I also wanted to be Pressure-Free myself. I felt stressed all the time. I was binge-eating, biting my nails, and feeling like I was unable to control myself. I needed something to change.

I’m so much more aware of what triggers the stress response for me. Before, I would be in a downward spiral, unable to figure out why I was getting so worked up. Now I’m able to notice when and why I’m getting stressed as well as

having the tools to calm myself down in a matter of seconds! I no longer bite my nails. My nails have never looked better! I did a photoshoot recently and it was the first time I was able to relax when getting my picture taken because I wasn’t thinking about how my hands looked.

Within the first few weeks of working with Elle, I got my first ever coaching client! I was not even trying to acquire a client at the time. Good things happen when I show up confident, joyful, and Pressure-Free, all of which I learned with Elle!

I love working with Elle because I feel like she gets me! She understands what I’m going through because she has gone through them herself. Her kindness and generosity towards her clients is unmatched! She truly cares so deeply about my transformation as a healthy, Pressure-Free person as well as my business goals! I could not have asked for a better coach! 

Elle gave me tools that I could use every second of every day of my life when I felt that stress coming on and reduce it immediately, if not just get rid of it. It's fantastic. I became a better boss for my employees, a better mother to my daughter, and an overall better person for the world.

- Kyra Wallace, non-profit executive and speaker

As a mother of three young children working in an executive level job, I thought I was managing my stress well. I prided myself in balancing a long list of responsibilities personally and professionally. It took a mental breakdown for me to realize that I needed help. My stress had caused me to reach a breaking point.

Pressure-Free provides a foundation upon which entire families and workplaces can build their vision for the future with a clear mind.  It's better than so many therapies because it gets to the root cause and provides a path forward.

- Meagan Baker, HR Director

After two months of not booking any high ticket clients in my business and dealing with the stress, fear, and uncertainty, I had an opportunity to learn the Pressure-Free method from Elle. I immediately put into practice and saw a drastic change in my being and my reactions to stressful situations. Two days after her coaching, I booked a $5,000 client out of the blue.

- Heather Chesky, photography business coach

I'd like to schedule a time to 
talk with Elle and learn more about this program.